Group 1 - Intalled bike racks at strategic locations throughout Brentwood. Team members: Kay McAlister, Brandon Oliver, Amy Freese, Anthony Allen, Mary Ruth Raphael.
Group 2 - Provided two inclusive swings for City of Brentwood Parks. Team members: Nate Spencer, Kim Coggin, Rebecca Collins, Claudia Barajas, AJ Bahou, Robbie Hayes.
Group 3 - Cataloged for the Brentwood Library the historic Hardscuffle Community history.

Class of 2016

Group 1 - Assisted the City of Brentwood in increasing the number of registrations for Everbridge, the city's emergency notification system. Team members: Dennis Jackson, Paul Demastus, Pryor Manning, Cheryl Stewart, Nancy Windley and David Cripe.
Group 2 - Designed and constructed a public safety memorial garden at City Hall, Brentwood, to honor the memory of those who have sacrificed to keep us safe, and those who continue this sacrifice. Team members: Brian Goss, Mark Thompson, Lori Sharpe Day, Jodi Schroer, Dan Price and Jordan Waldron.
Group 3 - Developed and placed a bronze directional medallion in City Park, with arrows showing distances and directions to historic and notable locations in and around Brentwood and in other parts of the world. Team members: Dave Morgan, Chris Henson, Sheila Cleveland, Chip Bratten, John Reidy, Jennifer Anderson and Kelly Lee.

Class of 2015

Group 1 - Beautified and enhanced the trailhead area at Smith Park, by providing landscaping, picnic table and bike rack. Team members: Kimberly Bean, Jason Charles,Chip Clayton, Dave Jones, LaSandra Wall and Dwayne West.
Group 2 - Replaced grill and provided surrounding enhanced landscaping at Granny White Park. Team members: David Creed, Bridget Gorokhovsky,Sandra Kane, Jeff Ker and Katie Schimmel.
Group 3 - Installed benches and picnic table at the top of Enid's Eyrie Point at Smith Park. Team members: Hal Conditt, Lisa Futrell, Joseph Reseland, Denny Thompson and Austin Webb


Class of 2014

Group 1 -  Provided a computer lab for Graceworks, which included remodeling the lab facility, providing and installing computers and operating systems. Team members: Shane Bailey, Christine Arnold, Joe Budd, Tom Elmlinger, Travis Falls, Leesa LeClaire.
Group 2 -   Installed an interpretive display of the WSM Radio Tower near the entrance of the Brentwood Library, and sponsored a LEGO tower-building contest at the Brentwood Library. Team members: Blair Smyly, Chris Chelette, Greg Blandford, Jay Evans, Paige Thompson.
Group 3 -  Partnered with an Eagle Scout to complete the installation of the walk-  way at the FiftyForward Martin Center, by stabilizing the steps and adding a  hand rail. Team members: John Byers, Sherry Coss, Grant Hammond, Joe   Harkins, and Shay Rose.

Class of 2013
  • Group 1 - Installed grass infield at the Brentwood Civitan Baseball Park to promote a heightened youth baseball experience for future generations of Brentwood and surrounding area boys and girls.
  • Group 2 - Installed interpretive signage  at the original Granny White Pike road bed in Granny White Park.
  • Group 3 - Created and installed a commemorative plaque at the Brentwood Library that explains the history of the iconic bur oak tree which stood on the property for more than 300 years; worked with the City of Brentwood Tree Board to enhance Arbor Day celebration for the City's residents.
Class of 2012
  • Group 1-  Organized a nonprofit foundation "Uniquely Brentwood",that promotes the Brentwood merchants by providing avenues of collaboration within Brentwood to promote shopping, entertainment and community. Team members: Anna Freeman, Keely Hall, Celeste Patterson, James Story, Jeremy Westmoreland.
  • Group 2- A Conversation Among Leaders: Bridging Education and Business in Williamson County. Facilitated a meeting between business leaders and education leaders at Lipscomb University, which challenged the business community to become engaged and collaborate with the educational community by  providing financial support and resources. Team members: Matt Boyd, Amanda Garber, Ryan Harris, Tiffany Jones, John Lowry.
  • Group 3- Restoration of the African-American Frierson-Voorhies Cemetery in Brentwood. Collaborated with Eagle Scouts and the Brentwood Roesch Patton Funeral Home to clear brush and trees, refurbish grave sites, and construct an access bridge. Team members: Deb Enright, Zak Keiper, Steve Lewis, Josh Terry, Kelly Williams.

Class of 2011
  • Group 1-Brentwood Library Spring House: Cleaned and repaired structure; provided better access to the historic structure; brought awareness to the historic purpose of spring houses in the area and how important they were to the development of Brentwood. Team members: Ben Claybaker, Susan Earl, Steve Smith, Randy Whitman, Cole Hodges.
  • Group 2-Lipscomb Elementary Playground: Upgraded and improved the Kindergarten playground, contributing to the safety and quality of play for over 100 students who pass through each year. Team members: Trent Klingensmith, Michelle Contich, Kimber Barton, Doug Brooks, and Richard Flohr.
  • Group 3-Brentwood Library Tree: Coordinated with City of Brentwood Tree Committee to publicize Arbor Day; obtained funding to enable planting of a seedling of the historic library bur oak, to provide benches in the area of the new oak, and to commission a gavel made from the fallen historic tree to be used by the City Commissioners at their meetings. Team members: Brit Boatright, Tiffany Cheuvront, Mike Harris, Rob Hazard, Jeremiah Pyron
Class of 2010
  • Group 1- Developed a Virtual Tour of Historic Brentwood, compiling major sites of historical significance for website. Team members: Steve Dycus, Rod Freeman, Susan Leathers, Dan McHugh, and Liz Wilson.
  • Group 2- Designed and implemented signage and recreational improvements for the Tennessee Baptist Children's Home, which included raising funds for those improvements. Team members: David Green, Mike Knotts, Kelli Nelson, Angela Nordstrom, and Anna Stotts.
  • Group 3 - Researched and developed a rebranding campaign for Leadership Brentwood, including development of a marketing plan and redesigning the logo. Team members: Maurilio Amorim, David Fox, Greg Lemon, Vicki Smith, and Amy Tanksley.
Class of 2009
  • Group 1- Raised funds through the Catch a Critter Campaign for the Brentwood Library expansion, enabling creation of the Leadership Brentwood Study Room. Team Members: Jeff Giuliano, Paul Goodman, Craig Roberts, Sharon Pakis, and Steve Saxton.
  • Group 2- Designed and planted a daffodil and daylily garden at the Fifty Forward Martin Center, in honor of William Youree, City Commissioner.                       Team Members: Ken Wills, Martha Allard, Hagan Stone, Michael Williams, and Connie Albright-Manteris.
  • Group 3- Developed an elementary curriculum for the Williamson County Public Schools related to the Hardscuffle Community of Brentwood.                             Team Members: Jason Burns, Galen Hull, Richard Tatum, Rick West, and Rachel Waterhouse.

Class of 2008
  • Group 1 – Revitalized and reproduced the Brentwood Introduction, Relocation, and Orientation Package including website and video production. Check out the Come to Brentwood site.
Team members:  Guy Crossley, Celeste Raines, Chris Bosen, Suzan Hindman, Paul Webb, Tom McLaughlin
  • Group 2 –  Readers To Leaders: Assisted the Brentwood Library Foundation with implementation of a capital campaign to fund enhancements to the physical space and educational scope of the Children's Library. Check out the Brentwood Library Foundation Online Giving Portal
Team members: Bob Knestrick, Bill Mott, Anna Hill, Rob Ivy, Leigh Bawcom
  • Group 3 – Documented Brentwood's Historic Sites for Future Generations. Check out Historic Brentwood.
Team members: Randy Lee, Renee Chevalier, Todd Petrowski, Amy Thomas
Class of 2007
  • Group 1 – Developed an initiative to increase the community awareness of the Leadership Brentwood program, and actively reach out to sectors of the business community that are involved.  This included an extensive community survey, and a written report back to the Brentwood Cool Springs Chamber.
  • Group 2 – Marketed the City Parks on the City website.
  • Group 3 – Designed a new Disc Golf course for the City of Brentwood.
Class of 2006
  • Group 1 – Sponsored a fund raiser for the Library foundation’s Outdoor Reading Terrace by providing material to invite people to engrave a pavers honoring a favorite book.
  • Group 2 – Completely redid the Leadership Brentwood website so not only does it chronology the rich history of those who have passed through the ranks, but to also develop a tool that will continue to recruit leaders and future leaders to the program to continue the charge of Leadership Brentwood.
  • Group 3 – Provided a Brentwood Chamber 50th Anniversary time capsule buried in Rusty Horse Park in late summer 2006, to be opened in spring of 2050.
Class of 2005
  • Group 1 – Provided signage for Eddie Arnold Amphitheater at Crockett Park.
  • Group 2 – Worked with the Parks department of the City of Brentwood to develop a Frisbee golf course at Crockett Park.
  • Group 3 – Developed publicity plan brochures for the Martin Senior Center.
Class of 2004
  • Group 1 – Developed a map and signage for the Crockett/Concord/YMCA bike trails.
  • Group 2 – Wrote a grant to the State of Tennessee for funds to refurbish the Boiling Springs Academy.
  • Group 3 – Promoted city wide Neighborhood Watch programs via electronic communication in conjunction with the City of Brentwood government.
Class of 2003
  • Group 1 – Worked with the Brentwood Fire Department to initiate its first Citizens Fire Academy.  A color brochure was developed, as well as a Citizens Fire Academy website, which includes an on-line application form which allows interested individuals to apply for the academy via the internet.
  • Group 2 – Created three Public Service Announcements (PSAs) to be run on the local Brentwood High cable access channel.  These PSAs address community concerns about traffic safety, littering, and parental involvement.
  • Group 3 – Developed a policy/procedures manual in conjunction with the Brentwood Police Department, to assist schools with their 5th grade D.A.R.E (Drug Abuse Resistance Education) graduation.  In addition, a program was created to recognize and reward a Brentwood City Essay Contest Winner.
Class of 2002
  • Group 1 – Helped set standards to make it easier for Brentwood organizations to obtain defibrillators and coordinate life-saving efforts with emergency responders.  In the process, funds have been raised for the donation of at least one defibrillator to a Brentwood organization.
  • Group 2 – Updated the Historic Commission brochures: 1) The Driving Tour of Historic Brentwood, 2) The Historical Markers of Brentwood, 3) The Historic Churches of Brentwood and 4) The Civil War History and Sites of Brentwood.  In addition, this group prepared an audio version of the Driving Tour, narrated by some of Brentwood’s most famous citizens.
  • Group 3 –  Developed two pieces to increase awareness and utilization of Brentwood Parks, including a comprehensive brochure and audio-visual presentation.  Provided are description of facilities, directions, hours of operation, and other useful information designed to help increase awareness among Brentwood residents and visitors.
Class of 2001
  • Group 1 – Produced an audio book titled “Stories of Brentwood” and donated 100 copies to the Friends of Brentwood Library for a fundraiser to encourage more citizens to learn about Brentwood’s history.  The tape includes favorite stories from each of Vance Little’s books, recorded by professional readers.
  • Group 2  - Researched the structure, usefulness and feasibility of a Think Tank for the Brentwood community.  This Think Tank would provide a resource of information for citizens and city/county officials alike, in understanding and making decisions concerning issues which affect our community.
  • Group 3 – Worked to initiate a joint venture with Brentwood Seniors, Inc. to implement a program of educational enrichment opportunities for the maturing population of Brentwood.  This would be a non-credit, adult learning program, similar to the one currently operated at Vanderbilt University and would utilize space at The Martin Center.
Class of 2000
  • Group 1 – Identified and quantified the impact of Brentwood’s newest businesses have on the infrastructure and services of the City and County, including the financial impact on the community.  This information was obtained through personal interviews of a sampling of new businesses.
  • Group 2 – Formed an information vehicle for the Land Trust of Tennessee on behalf of Brentwood and identified local parcels of land deemed suitable for preservation to preserve and protect green space within the city limits of Brentwood.
  • Group 3 – Assisted the City of Brentwood to raise funds for an ongoing project in Crockett Park.  The City has agreed to match the group’s goal of $300,000 and handle construction for the project to improve quality of life in Brentwood.
Class of 1999
  • Group 1 – Conducted “Operation Safe Child” to fingerprint middle and elementary school children in the public schools in Brentwood.  In addition, a day was set aside to fingerprint other children at the Brentwood library.
  • Group 2 – Scripted, filmed and produced a video promoting the Youth Leadership Brentwood program.  This videotape is used to explain YLB to potential applicants who are sophomores and juniors in area high schools.
  • Group 3 – Developed a plan for the redevelopment of a section of Brentwood bounded by Old Hickory Boulevard, Church Street, Franklin Road and I-65.  The plan envisions a high-end mixed use development
Class of 1998
  • Group 1 – Initiated the development of a series of “Welcome to Brentwood” landmarks.  The group has worked with Gresham, Smith & Partners on the design of the signs and presented the final draft to the City of Brentwood, including suggested locations.
  • Group 2 – Provided a brochure outlining the existing bikeways and walkways within the Brentwood community.  The project was accomplished with the cooperation of the City of Brentwood Parks and Recreation Department and will be presented in a format which can be revised and reproduced in the future as changes necessitate.
  • Group 3 – Prepared a brochure on the Native American village discovery at the Brentwood Library.  Content included local history of the Native Americans, information on the archaeological dig and bibliography to find related information.
Class of 1997
  • Group 1 – “The Action Squad” worked in conjunction with the Brentwood Library in developing a survey to determine the Brentwood business community’s needs from the new Brentwood Library as a business resource.  The library will have a $300,000 opening day collection and trying to refine community needs for the most efficient use of available dollars.
  • Group 2 – “An Affair to Remember” investigated the current state of Deerwood Arboretum and marshal materials, people and resources to establish the Friends of Deerwood.  Present a concise, dynamic future-oriented plan for Friends of Deerwood.
  • Group 3 – Brought awareness to the parents of our community, regarding the challenges of rearing children in an affluent community.  By providing a child psychiatrist and a panel of teenagers, teachers and counselors, parents could explore the different techniques and opinions in rearing well-adjusted children in our community.  The group offered the “Healthy Brentwood” seminar on February 22, 1997.
Class of 1996
  • This class worked as one group to develop the first website for the Chamber of Commerce
Class of 1995
  • No information available
Class of 1994
  • No information available
Class of 1993
  • Group 1 – Discussed the various aspects and needs of senior citizens in Brentwood, including services, housing and education of the community.  It then discussed a plan to initiate those activities.
  • Group 2 – Explored the future (2010), considering such topics as residential and commercial development, education, recreation, retirement housing and community identity.
  • Group 3 – Took another look at the future (2000), this group used a round-table discussion format and radio call-in show to look at the city’s operating budget for various quality of life services.
Class of 1992
  • No information available
Class of 1991
  • Group 1 – The Importance of Citizen Voices (using electronic magnetic field (EMR) as the issue example)
  • Group 2 – “Mr. Bill” (a funny spoof of Brentwood)
Founding Steering Committee 1990
  • Planned Leadership Brentwood



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